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Queen - One Headlong Vision (PiotreQ Remix)

Queen - Hammer To Fall (PiotreQ Pop Remix)

Queen - Now I'm Here (PiotreQ Orchestral Remix)

Queen - I Want To Break Free (PiotreQ Rock Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - Keep Yourself Alive (PiotreQ Blurred Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - The Show Must Go On (PiotreQ Rising Remix) (Mountain Version)

Queen - Love Of My Life (PiotreQ Orchestral Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - Nevermore (PiotreQ Remix with Mark Roskilly Guitar)

Queen - Bicycle Race (PiotreQ Dreaming Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - Play The Game (PiotreQ Orchestral Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - God Save The Queen (PiotreQ Red Special Remix)

Queen - Flash (PiotreQ Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - Teo Torriatte (PiotreQ Orchestral Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - Sheer Heart Attack

Queen - We Will Rock You (PiotreQ Scandal Remix)

Queen - Radio Ga Ga (PiotreQ Remix) [w/ Real Drums]

Queen - The Show Must Go On (PiotreQ Rising Remix)

Queen - Hammer To Fall (PiotreQ Remix)

Queen - Now I'm Here (PiotreQ Remix)

Queen vs The Clash - Another One Bites The Radio Clash (Mash-up) (Video Version)

Queen vs T. Rex - We Will Rock The Revolution (Mash-up)

Queen vs The Cross - Heaven For Everyone (Hybrid Remix)

Queen - The Invisible Man (Hybrid Remix)

Queen + David Bowie - Under Pressure (Orchestral 2011 Mix) (Video Version)

Queen - I Want To Break Free (Semi-Acoustic 2011 Remix)

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Orchestral 2011 Mix) (Video Version)

Queen - Rock Medley (Live in Japan) (Video Version)

Freddie Mercury - My Love Is Dangerous ('Live in Japan' Remix) (Video Version)

Queen - We Will Break Thru You (Mash-up) (Video Version)

Queen - Brighton Rock (Instrumental Short Remix)

Brighton Rock in Rio (Remix) (Video Version)

Brighton Rock ('Little Magic' Remix) (video edit)

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