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Freddie Mercury
Live in Japan

A very special concert at Budokan Hall in Tokyo with guests: Queen, Montserrat Caballe, Billy Squier, Michael Jackson and David Bowie.

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About the album:


01. Horns Of Doom (tape)
02. Mr. Bad Guy
03. She Blows Hot & Cold (w/ B. May)
04. I Go Grazy (w/ Queen)
05. Hello, Tokyo!
06. Foolin' Around
07. Love Makin' Love
08. There Must Be More To Life Than This
09. Your Kind Of Lover
10. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
11. My Love Is Dangerous
12. Love Is The Hero (w/ Billy Squier)
13. Improvisation
14. Bohemian Rhapsody (w/ Queen)
15. La Japonaise (w/ M. Caballe)
16. Rachmaninov Revenge (+ Improvisation w/ Queen)
17. Barcelona (w/ M. Caballe)
18. Guide Me Home (w/ M. Caballe)
19. How Can I Go On (w/ M. Caballe & J. Deacon)


20. State Of Shock (w/ M. Jackson)
21. There Must Be More To Life Than This (w/ M. Jackson)
22. Ensueno
23. Is This The World We Created (w/ B. May)
24. Love Of My Life (w/ B. May)
25. Under Pressure (w/ Queen + D. Bowie)
26. Mustapha (intro)
27. Living On My Own
28. I Was Born To Love You (w/ Queen)
29. Made In Heaven
30. In My Defence
31. Man On The Prowl (w/ Queen)
32. The Great Pretender
33. Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (w/ Queen)
34. Queen Rock Medley
35. Love Kills
36. Jailhouse Rock (w/ Queen)
37. Mr. Bad Guy (outro)


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